Sunday, September 03, 2006

My Stuff

I have a lot of stuff but break it down, my stuff is simple. Everything that belongs to me can essentially be broken down into three groups: Always Important, Temporarily Important, and Even More Temporarily Important. If something that belongs to me doesn't fall into one of those three groups, most likely, it's going to end up in the trash or stashed away someplace for eternity. Either way, it'll no longer be my stuff, unless, for whatever reason, I decide it is once again.

Anyway, here's the breakdown of my stuff:

Always Important: Exactly what it sounds like, always important. What's always important is usually in my room or otherwise someplace I have easy, immediate access to. This can range from clothes to CDs to food to my computer to some other miscellanious thing I can't think of right now. In any case, it's stuff I use often or stuff I need to use things often (for example, batteries). I'll leave this stuff from time to time but always know it'll be there waiting for me when I get back for me to use. If I go away for a long time, I'll take that stuff with me. Stuff from this catagory can be demoted to lesse catagories but that usually takes a couple years or until something outlives its usefullness.

Temporarily Important: This is the stuff I keep in my backpack. While it's not always important, it's usually more important than what is always important. With that said, I like to keep as little stuff in my backpack/this catagory as possible so I never lose track of it. Since it's temporarily important, I don't always think about this stuff but when I need it, I want to have easy access to it. This is usually school stuff. This breaks down into a folder for each class, a notebook, and a neverending supply of pens. When I write stuff in the notebook, I take it out and put it in a folder to keep things even more concise. The pens are discardable but I never discard them myself. They always manage to do so themselves. In other words, I lose them, which is why I have so many. After class, I'll probably toss my backpack to the side or take something out of it for temporary use. For example homework. Afterwards, I don't think about it for a little while. Maybe a couple hours. Stuff in this catagory is important for a couple months. After the classes are over, it's not important anymore. Temporary or otherwise.

Even More Temporarily Important: This stuff goes in my pocket. This is stuff I'll need for the most, a week. For the least, a day. Stuff like numbers, schedules, directions, flyers. Stuff I'll have memorized or simply won't need at all in due time. This stuff goes fast and ends up in the trash faster than anything. I keep it in my pocket because I need immediate access to it. Since its lifespan is so short, it's very important for the time it exists. Ironically the stuff in my pocket coincides with two things that fall in the first catagory: my wallet and my cellphone. There, searching for the Even More So Temporarily Important involves a little fishing sometimes.

Well, that's my stuff. Perhaps a little overly concise but I like it that way. I have a lot of stuff. If I didn't keep things concise, it would drive me crazy. It also doesn't take much effort to be concise. Some people think it does but in the long run, it's less work for you. It takes more effort to break things down into more groups than it does to break things down into just three.

Well, that's about it. Hope this offers a little incite.

Out for now...